Elabuga conceals something mystical, attracts the soul like a magnet and talks with it in the language of beauty. (Rafael Ishburiev)

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Elabuga is the city of monuments and antiquity

Elabuga is good city

Elabuga is the city of monuments and antiquity, stories and myths, amazing people and lives. Only here density of monuments and curious stories exceeds all the acceptable norms. Elabuga gave the world the famous painter Ivan Shishkin, first Russian woman-warrior, cavalry-girl Nadezhda Durova, famous psychiatrist V.M. Bekhterev

Various historic individuals from different epochs: poetess Tsvetaeva and Emelyan Pugachev, ataman Ermak and merchant Staheev, laureate of Nobel Prize Boris Pasternak and marshal Govorov are closely connected with their souls to Elabuga.

Tourists will find on the site the description of all museums and historic places, legends and nice photos that will convince them to visit Elabuga and fall in love with its quite merchants’s streets, cosy café and picturesque nature with all their heart.

Here you will find answers to questions:

Elabuga city HotelAs you get acquainted with Elabuga, for sure you will have new questions and you will wish to visit it. Section for tourists will help you; here there is all the necessary: description of hotels, tourist routes and ways of getting to the tourist gem in the backwoods of Russia.

Of course, the site tells us about new history of the city that is formed right now. About building of ElAz and FEZ “Alabuga”. About work of oil-extracting and building companies of the city and district.

Pay your attention to this site about city-mood, about merchant beauty Elabuga that is situated on banks of rivers Kama and Toyma, about people, their stories, and you will never be sorry of the time spent for this.

Welcome to Elabuga!