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Intercession Cathedral

Intercession Cathedral. The church was erected contemporarily with the foundation of village Trehsvyatskoe in 1570s by the will of Tsar Ivan IV. In XVII century, nearby, a church of the Prophet Elijah was built. In 1798 ramshackle Intercession church was demolished, and in 1799 on its place a small stone chapel was constructed. It remained up till now and is the oldest building of Elabuga.

In 1818 Elijah church was also demolished, on its place by 1820 stone Intercession church with tree side chapels in the names of three Saints and Prophet Elijah was built. In 1884 three-level belfry was constructed.

Intercession Cathedral is a cross-octahedron with high dome rotunda. This church has high architectural and town planning value as a dominant, and unique construction with complex by plastic volumetric shapes that have elements of Empire style, late baroque and earl classicism. Before the revolution special attraction of the Cathedral was cast silver and gilded regal gate. The Cathedral, as many other churches, was closed in the 30s of XX century. After fifty-year pause the church functions again.

Intercession Cathedral.


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