I can not watch enough the Elabuga beauty. I haven’t slept for the whole night – that’s how it amazed me! (Mintimer Shaimiev)

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Unique monument to V.I. Lenin

Almost in every city of the former USSR, in towns and villages on central squares one may easily find a monument to leader of world proletariat – Vladimir Illyich Lenin. Elabuga is not an exception, there are even 4 monuments in the city, but the exception is in the variety of these monuments, especially one of them..

Unique monument to V.I. Lenin

Curiously enough, but the most outstanding monument to Lenin is of the smallest size. It is placed on Kazan Street near the imitation to Kremlin wall. A very small bust, tinged with argentine, is placed on a very high stele, in aggregate with the ensemble of Kremlin wall and proportions of the monument it makes an indelible impression on everyone, especially on guests of the city.

This monument to Lenin is special, it even has a popular name “Peter the Small Head”. This name is historical and local. It is said that in fifties-sixties a half-dwarf lived nearby, with a disproportionately small head. This wretched man was called in the city Peter the Small Head, so for the similarity with the dwarf the monument to Lenin was sometimes called in such way.